Holistic Therapies

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Holistic Therapies

Holistic therapy is a ‘whole person’ approach which aims to restore balance of mind, body, emotions and spirit, promoting optimal health and well being. Each therapy activates the body’s own natural healing, rather than just treating or suppressing symptoms. They can help to reduce stress, tension and fatigue, relieve muscle pain, improve circulation and mobility, energise.


Botanicals therapeutic facial massage

30 minutes (cleanse, exfoliate, mask, moisturise) £28.00
60 minutes (as above + pressure point massage) £43.00

Indian head massage

Seated massage of upper back, shoulder, neck and head £26.00

Swedish body massage

Using Botanicals organic pre-blended oils

Part body 30 minutes £28.00
Part body 45 minutes £37.00
Full body 1 hour £43.00
Full body 1 hour 30 minutes £45.00


Foot cleanse, reflex treatment and massage
Taster 20 minutes £15.00
1 Hour £40.00

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